My latest posts – a quick review

Digging at the roots

If we really want to have renewal – in ourselves, our hearts, our relationships – getting to the root of things requires unrestrained honesty.

Sunday Streets and my sore feets

Walking the streets of South of Market, during the Folsom “Sunday Street” events, I see aspects of San Francisco that are new to me.

Old toys and older boys

I was 2 when I won a drawing for a Lionel train set in 1960 – it waited for decades to return to life – and now is heading to a new home.

Beyond Pride on a Sunday stroll

It’s July 2022. Quite a bit different from July 2019, or 2020, or 2021 – in fact, different from any July, ever, in my life – in yours too, probably. We’ve changed – not entirely willingly, not entirely happily. The air itself sometimes seems to smell of conflict – like an undercurrent of chaos bubbles … Continue reading Beyond Pride on a Sunday stroll


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Musings and meanderings

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