My latest posts – a quick review

Old Words, new understanding

My reflections on the Lord’s prayer – what it means, what it teaches – what it doesn’t say – and why doubts are part of the pathway to a deeper faith.

Words at a funeral – or something more?

Recently, the world watched as a long-lived monarch was mourned and laid to rest, with the kind of ceremony that we rarely see; it was in a way a spectacle more than a memorial. There is something about the rituals of mourning, in all their expressions and customs, that comforts the hearts of many;  perhaps because…

10 years out

For National Coming Out day 2022 – I share my own letter to friends and family on this day 10 years ago. More than ever – I am thankful.


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Musings and meanderings

There are many ways to wander through my blog – these are the latest posts! And, please visit my “welcome” page as shown on the menu to learn about why I blog, and “These are my quests” to read about the “four corners” of my ongoing journey.

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