Index of posts (Chronological)

My posts to date, with brief comments and category classification. (Links will be added ASAP; for now, you can locate using the calendar grid.)

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9/21/21The days grow short when you reach SeptemberApproaching two years of blogging – discoveries and new focuses
8/2/21Finding my fit part three Working out our invisible muscles
7/26/21Finding my fit – part twoKeys to a new definition of success
7/11/21Finding my fit – part one Reaching for a dream
7/1/21Seeking directionsNew beginnings do not happen just once
4/20/21Small mercies, great grace, and choicesAt last … I get my COVID vax, through a stranger’s kindness
4/11/21Look, up in the skyA birthday visit to Muir Woods, at last
3/7/21Today’s tale of two citiesA tour of the Russian Hill district of SF
2/19/21An art mystery, a heart’s historySolving the questions behind my great aunt’s old painting
1/27/21Root Removal and garden renewalSpring – moving on from the old, and nurturing the new
12/24/20Two strangers, two ChristmasesComparing the hopes of Bob Cratchit and George Bailey
`12/12/20No Thanks – but thanksThanksgiving 2020 – renewing gratitude through faith
11/19/21Somebody’s watching usMy experience with a political survey
10/24/20The Castro in the shadowsA COVID scroll in the SF gayborhood
10/18/20Beyond the stars on a magic carpetFilm – the unique art form of dreams and imagination
10/10/20Six months, 25 posts and the futureCovid exposure, and finding renewal to move ahead
10/04/20Talk to the chairForgiveness – and my father’s alchoholism
09/27/20Where you go, there you – are? Redefining what has meaning on our ongoing journey
09/18/20An unexpected eclipse, a missing KeyThe “orange day” and the fragility of what we treasure
09/13/20Dirty Clothes, dairies and Howl – Oh my SF’s Cow Hollow – my walking tour of the past and present
You’ve (still) got a friend in meTreasuring my friends close and far, six months into COVID
08/23/20An Attorney asks a questionMy discoveries and lessons on a dig and visit in Israel
08/16/20Beyond Measure Measuring up isn’t always the goal
08/09/20A Nut Tree grew in Cow townVacaville – Cow Town – history and the passage of time
08/02/20Grandpa and Grandma NeighborA tribute, and the lessons of a caring community
07/26/20Spiritus Sanctus in a leather jacket“Coming out” never ends – some moments from my journey
07/19/20Do we simply “choose to forget”? I come to understand that remembering leads to new hopes
07/11/20You must remember this .. in 2040I write back to the future about Covid’s lessons and hopes
07/05/20I got a letter – from the future?100 days into Covid, I receive a mysterious message of hope
06/12/20Quiet words of hope to a stranger Encouraging words to a teenager I never met, but “knew”.
06/07/20Are you going to San Fantasia?Visit the whimsical world of SF Artist Albert Tolf, Jr.
06/01/20Tattered pages, echoes of faithHow those who came before me left signposts to follow
05/23/20Sometimes I cry when I see the boysComing to understand my father through his letters
05/16/20Clark Kent has left the buildingLetting go of pretense by revealing a secret identity
05/03/20The can without a labelFinding new hope with the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles
04/21/20Scraps and fragmentsFragments of my mother’s past
04/19/20Forgetting what was notHow Covid changed our dreams and hopes
4/12/20Walking in the darknessThe difference between knowledge and wisdom
4/09/20Welcome to – and from – the new NormLMy first post, six months after I decided to blog – thank you COVID