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The Castro in the shadows

Come stroll with me through a neighborhood like perhaps your own, and yet, unlike any other; still shining through the shadow of COVID.

Beyond the stars on a magic carpet

“Come, enter the temple – see the light dance and the hear the angels sing”. The flickering spirits are waiting for you to join them again in the darkness.

Talk to the chair

I believe there is a special kind of peace in seeking reconciliation. With those in our life now; with those no longer in our life; and with that Power, however we define it, that exists outside the scope of our comprehension and understanding, for now at least, perhaps forever.


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Hello from SF!


Glad you found my little corner of the web. Please check my homepage “Who .. or what is the New NormL” to learn why I am sharing here – and “Welcome, friend” for some windows into my heart. Enjoy your visit!

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